9th - 13th September 2020

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Movie Show Times

AVAILABLE FROM 9th - 13th Sept

Let's start with awesome movies on the first day!

4 feature-length films from Brazil, New Zealand, Laos and Philippines
PLUS shorts from Hong Kong and the Freedom Film Fest

AVAILABLE FROM 10th - 13th Sept

On the second day, registered users are able to watch back Day 1 movies!

4 more feature-length films from Italy, Argentina, Malaysia and Portugal
PLUS shorts from Hong Kong, Viet Nam and Malaysia

AVAILABLE FROM 11th - 13th Sept

On the third day, registered users are able to watch back Day 1 & Day 2 movies!

3 more feature-length films from Singapore, Germany and Malaysia
PLUS shorts from Sabah and Indonesia

Webinars: Wait - there's more!

Watch them live on KKIFF Facebook and YouTube pages. Webinars are free!

Webinar 1

10 SEPT (8:00 PM)

Webinar 2

11 SEPT (8:00 PM)

Webinar 3

12 SEPT (3:00 PM)

Webinar 4

12 SEPT (8:00 PM)

Webinar 5

13 SEPT (8:00 PM)