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Sometime, Sometime

Synopsis: In order to attract the attention of his mother, Zi Kien begins imitating the adults around him.  He copies their speech, their clothes and even starts smoking like them.

Festivals: 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival

Director: Jacky Yeap
Jacky Yeap graduated from University Malaysia Sarawak with a major in filmmaking. He has been involved in some filming-related activities such as FINAS Young Filmmaker Workshop, Astro Shortcut Workshop and SeaShorts Film Festival. In 2018, he and his friend established a local film magazine named to record the current state of Malaysia cinema. In 2020, Jacky finished his first feature film entitled Sometime, Sometime and in 2021, he launched to advocate watching Malaysia films in the cinema.


  • Category : Family
  • Genre : Growing Up, Family Relationships
  • Director(s) : Jacky Yeap
  • Run Time : 1h 47m
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Country : Malaysia