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Synopsis: This is a fantasy game board adventure story of 4 friends and how the game starts to affect their daily lives. Archaeologist, Aroon and his 3 friends, Jayakanth, Ganesh, and Murali, plan a 2-day adventure trip into the hills. While they are exploring, they find an abandoned 18th century British hotel. Inside the hotel, Aroon looks for antique objects. He stumbles upon an ancient board game with the word "Paramapatham" carved on the top. He realizes that this word is in an ancient Tamil language and the game is from India. They open it and start to play. When the day gets darker, they leave the game unfinished and go back home. However, from the moment they roll the dice, the game starts to affect their real life.

Awards: Coimbatore International Film Festival – Best Producer, Best Foreign Film; Tagore-Begnali International Film Festival – Best Genre Film Winner; Norway International Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Top Five Diaspora Films

Directors: Viknes Perrabu & Thanesh Perrabu
Viknes is the Licensed Film Director of FDAM Malaysia.  He stepped into filmmaking in 2010 as an actor and has been assistant director in many Malaysian TV dramas, telemovies and a few movies. He directed his first short film in 2014 under SNMW. Then he worked together with co partner Thanesh Perrabu on many short films and music videos in the acting and directing department. In 2016, Viknes directed his first full length movie, “Sathuriyan”. Viknes has won Best Director, Best Villain and Best Short Film awards for his latest projects. His short films have won many awards in Malaysia and have also been officially selected for many international film festivals. Viknes wrote the screenplay, directed, and also played the villain role in the movie Paramapatham. This film has also won many international awards.

Thanesh Perrabu, also a Licensed Film Director of FDAM Malaysia, started filmmaking in 2014 as lead actor in a short film. He moved on to writing screenplays & scriptwriting and also directed a few short films and music videos.  In 2016, he wrote the screenplay, took the lead role and also edited the feature-length movie “Sathuriyan”. Throughout this journey, he has worked as co-partner with Viknes.Thanesh has won Best Editor, Best Lead, Best Short Film awards for his latest projects. Thanesh worked on the story, screenplay, directed Paramapatham together with Viknes. He also edited the film and played a lead role.

Director’s Statement
Viknes Perrabu from Malaysia is one of the directors of the Film PARAMAPATHAM, which is the first Malaysian movie that has won the highest number of international awards. Paramapatham was directed by the brothers Viknesh Perrabu and Thanesh Perrabu. The movie was produced by Dr. Latcha Perrabu and Dr. Chakrawarthy and the music is by composers Balanraj and M. Jagathees. It is the first Malaysian gameboard film in history which has officially won 18 international awards recognized by IMDB and had 15 official selections worldwide. These awards have also been approved by the International Film Board for a movie of outstanding quality. Paramapatham has been 30 Official Finalists and from there, the team has won 18 awards. Moreover, this is the first film from Malaysia to enter the Tokyo International Film Festival Tokyo 2021 and it has also qualified for the Golden Globe Awards 2021.

  • Category : Memories
  • Genre : Fantasy, Thriller
  • Director(s) : Thanesh Perrabu, Perrabu Viknesh
  • Run Time : 1h 50m
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Country : Malaysia