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Synopsis: Suthit and Nonae a Lahu couple, have struggled to make a living in order to improve the opportunities in their lives.
But the harder they try, the more they are caught in the grip of powerful forces.  

The Lahu are an ethnic group who moved to Thailand from China in the past. They now live in the north of Thailand in many provinces where many ethnic groups are treated as second-class citizens by the law and also by individuals.

Director: Chaweng Chaiyawan

Director’s Statement
A lot of time when we work in the community or in the village, we hear a lot of stories – sharing is a matter of happiness.  One thing makes me smile and another thing that always comes up in the community is a problem – this can be from small things to structural problems.  With a passion for telling stories, listening to problems or stories in the community, it was impossible to continue telling them in their own style, so we use short films as a storytelling tool.  I secretly hope that this may help society to be more informed and aware of the community’s problems and lead to further discussion and solutions.

  • Category : Indigenous
  • Genre : Minorities, Indigenous Issues, Land Rights
  • Director(s) : Chaweng Chaiyawan
  • Run Time : 27m
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Thailand