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Malaysia | 2021 | Documentary | 23m

Synopsis: Reflecting the breakdown of traditional family values in modern Malaysian society that marginalizes the elderly, Meniti Senja explores the alarming rise in the elderly being left to fend for themselves in aged care centre’s - removed from the comfort of homes they knew and children they raised. Recounting the stories of people who were once mothers, fathers, grandparents - now slowly aging amidst strangers within the walls of a care home in Puchong, this film tells their heart-breaking stories of abuse, exploitation and abandonment. Age eventually catches up with everyone and by 2030, Malaysia’s population >65 will increase to 15%. Are we witnessing our own fates in a not too distant future?

Director: Lily Fu

Malaysia | 2021 | Indigenous | 13m

Synopsis: Aleh, a young Orang Asli woman, struggles to find support from her village when her family's ancestral land is encroached. In fear of losing her land that she also uses to grow ubi kayu, she seeks out famous Orang Asli YouTuber Rien to expose and share her story. But Rien refuses at first as she believes that their community should pursue a better life in the city instead of farming on their land. Aleh and Rien eventually realise that they share similar struggles because of their identity. Together, they find their voice and speak out.

Produced by: Ada Along Analisa Atang Arni Natasya Azie Suzana Diana Tan Lungey Uda Maranisnie Mohsin Natasya Robut Niwani Sari Nora Kantin Rosdila Roslan Rosita Dollah Selindang Seliman Sherry Tan Sylvia Othman Yaliyana Lenab

Malaysia | 2021 | Indigenous | 15m

Synopsis: Deep in a forest in Perak, two young Orang Asli women from the city named Nget and Abong are enjoying the beauty and calmness of nature. But their enjoyment quickly turned into despair when Abong suddenly falls gravely ill. In their quest for healing, they discover their elders' knowledge in the medicinal properties of herbs and their deep spiritual and physical ties with the forest. They experience true healing when they finally reconnect with their traditional values and identity.

Produced by: Arni Natasya Azie Suzana Lungey Uda Maranisnie Mohsin Rosdila Roslan Rosita Dollah Selindang Seliman Sherry Tan Sylvia Othman Yaliyana Lenab

Malaysia | 2021 | Documentary | 23m

Synopsis: ‘92. Cropped rocker’s hair. Live on air. What goes on behind the most shocking event in the early nineties in Malaysia affecting the career of the one and only Nasir Jani for years to come? Documentary entitled 'Nasir Jani Melawan Lembaga Puaka’ follows the cult-filmmaker of ‘Kembara Seniman Jalanan’ on his reflective journey looking at the complex culture of censorship in Malaysia. The intertwining of Mahathirism in its early formative period to the ironic culture of authoritarianism, the documentary visualizes multiple perspectives of the upcoming filmmakers, Amanda Nell Eu and Steven Sarathbabu grappling and negotiating with the logics of censorship and what goes behind it.

Director: Arian Md Zahari
  • Category : Shorts
  • Genre : Documentary, Indigenous
  • Director(s) : Freedom Film Network
  • Run Time : 1h 12m
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia