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Champions / Campeones

Synopsis: This movie is inspired by the Aderes basketball team in Burjassot (Valencia), a team of people with intellectual disabilities that won twelve Spanish championships between 1999 and 2014.  It maintains Spain’s great tradition of social-issue movies.

A professional basketball coach with plenty of problems and frustrations will see his life change after a series of coincidences lead him to manage a team of intellectually disabled individuals.

Marco Montes is an assistant coach in Spain’s top basketball league.  His attitude towards life causes him plenty of problems:  at work, with his partner and in almost every aspect of his life.  One day, in the midst of a league game, those frustrations cause a huge fight with the head coach, leading him to get drunk and end up in a traffic accident that makes him appear in court.

His sentence is to coach a team of individuals with intellectual disabilities, and at the same time he loses his job and his girlfriend.

In a surprising twist, especially for Marco, he will be the one who will learn the most, thanks to the experience of coaching a group that is full of joy for life and focuses on the truly important things...

Awards: Cinema Writers Circle Awards, Spain – Best New Actor; Dias de Cine Awards – Audience Award; Feroz Awards, ES – Best Film: Comedy; Forogramas de Plata – Audience Award – Best Spanish Film; Goya Awards – Best New Actor, Best Original Song, Best Film; José Maria Forqué Awards – Winner for Values Education, Best Picture; Sant Jordi Awards – Best Spanish Film; Santa Barbara International Film Festival – ADL Stand Up Award; Spanish Actors Union – Best Film:  Supporting Performance, Male;  The Platino Awards for Iberoamerican Cinema – Winner for Film and Education Values; and nominated for many other awards

  • Category : Family
  • Genre : Sport, Family, Social Issues
  • Director(s) : Javier Fesser
  • Run Time : 2h 4m
  • Release Year : 2018
  • Country : Spain