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The Best Of Mini Film Festival

In collaboration with Mini Film Festival.


Films curated in this programme won awards in the recently held Mini Film Festival. Through the eyes of these young filmmakers, these films certainly give a glimpse to the future of Malaysian cinema.

Curated by: Yow Chong Lee
ChongLee, Yow is a film lecturer at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Apart from teaching, researching, and making films, he curates for the longest running short film festival in Malaysia, Mini Film Festival. He wishes to contribute in building a vibrant and healthy film ecosystem in Malaysia Borneo by gelling all concerted efforts that bring audiences and filmmakers together through film festivals and film appreciation.

Drama | 10m

Synopsis: After the passing of Takung, an old Dusun Christian lady, her death was mourned by her family and the villagers. However, there are some parties who claimed that she had embraced another religion before she dies. This has brought a conflict between Takung's family and those who are responsible to arrange the burial ceremony whether to bury her as a Christian or as a Muslim.

Director: Anel Sahfihie
Anel Sahfihie is a film student at University Malaysia Sarawak and a young filmmaker from Tenom, Sabah. He has worked as a director, scriptwriter, and editor on several projects including short films and documentaries. He aims to explore the tale of Sabah culture and customs and bring it to life in his films.

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Drama | 26m

Synopsis: A transgender taking care of his senile father after his brother died during MCO. Trying to figure out his brother’s death, he has to accept the fate that his father is always waiting for one of his sons' return.

Director: Izaq Yuzaini
A 25 years old ASWARA graduated filmaker, actively making short films and currently a freelance editor.

Drama | 15m

Synopsis: When the plan changed, Ah Girl (26) needed to make another choice in her life. She returned home and spent a day with her family.

Director: Ng Mun Cui
Hi, I am a person who is still asking myself a lot of questions and can't find the answer.

Documentary | 7m

Synopsis: Inspired by Dora Jalius, a girl from Simohong who showed Sabah Pongo Society (PONGO) the incredible impact of kindness on humanity. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and never forgot her family. The love from her family became the foundation of PONGO's Development Programme in Simohong.

Director: Moh'd Faijan Mustapha
Faijan joined the Suara Community Filmmaking Programme in 2012, representing KOPEL, Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan – where he serves as a tour guide. His talent and passion lies in photography and in his filmmaking team, he uses his skills as the lead cameraman. In 2017, Faijan began to provide technical support to other Suara teams on the field and as of early 2018, he transitioned into a full-fledged Suara filmmaking trainer.

Drama | 24m

Synopsis: Frankie lives at home with his grandma while his peers go off to school. When a government notice arrives one day announcing land reform of his village, Frankie is unable to read it. Too proud to ask his best friend Gamat for help, he spirals into rage and later, regret. Bagan tells the story of the final days of a dying village, told through the eyes of a pair of adolescents; when innocence clashes with the harsh reality of growing up and moving on.

Director: Firdaus Balam
Muhammad Firdaus (b. 1998) is an independent filmmaker based in Malaysia. He graduated from Multimedia University Iskandar Puteri with a Bachelor of Cinematic Arts. His passion for filmmaking started at an early age as he aspires to be a film director since young. ‘Anak Seletar’ is his first attempt at a long-form documentary as he observes the life of an indigenous tribe in the south of Malaysia. This film was premiered in Mini Film Festival 2020 and traveled a few other film festival. He believes that film should be a medium for the voiceless person to tell their stories in a free way.

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Drama | 19m

Synopsis: Elena's search for her missing husband brings her back to their past and inadvertently leads her to a surreal and magical landscape.

Director: Jeremy Jecky
Jeremy hopes to use cinema as a medium to share stories and the culture of the Bornean people of East Malaysia.

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  • Category : Shorts
  • Genre : Drama
  • Director(s) : (Curated by Yow Chong Lee)
  • Run Time : 1h 43m
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia