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The Last Ring Ladies

Synopsis: Change is coming to the heart of Borneo. We follow Peluk Anak Apeh, the last of the famed Bidayuh Ring Ladies, as the construction of a dam drives her from her ancestral home in the world’s oldest rain-forest to a modern settlement. Peluk struggles to adapt to her new environment and longs for the vanishing world she left behind.

But her new life also brings new opportunities: A famous local fashion designer, Miss Leng Lagenda, discovers Peluk and the Ring Ladies, she creates a Ring Ladies collection. Leng travels to Borneo to meet Ring Lady Peluk. Together they embark on an astonishing journey of personal discovery With the mission in preserving the Ring lady Heritage, Together these two very different woman introduce the unique culture of the Ring Ladies, through fashion, to a modern world.

Director: Nova Goh
Was born and raised in West Borneo, Sarawak – a land full of wonderful and exotic culture and the home of the hornbill. In 1999, he went to Taiwan to study visual communications at the National Taiwan University of Arts. During his stay in Taiwan, he was influenced by the growing indie film scene, and became involved in various short film projects. In 2008, he returned to Borneo, where he directed his first feature-length documentary, Red Rain on the Equator, which screened in New Asian Currents section of the 2011 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival in Japan.

  • Category : Indigenous
  • Genre : Documentary, Indigenous
  • Director(s) : Nova Goh
  • Run Time : 54m
  • Release Year : 2019
  • Country : Malaysia