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Variety Night: Jacks

  • You have missed this movie!

Synopsis: A police officer’s first time undercover takes a series of surprising turns on the night he take part in a gangland drug deal. NB: Jacks is an Australian/cockney term used by criminals for police officers.

Director Statement: JACKS is a political satire and a parody comedy, aiming at communication failures within the government, and the clichés we see in endless action/crime films.

Politically I am saying that government departments are inadequately run, under-trained, over-funded and lack the basic ability to communicate even between their own interconnected departments.

Secondly, I want to take the viewer on a ride full of familiar tropes but tackle them in a different way. So the police officers in the story do not understand how criminals work, think and act, and take their 'knowledge' from Hollywood films. The film should feel like a slick and gritty crime drama and then suddenly surprise you with heightened comedic moments.

  • Category : Variety Night
  • Genre : Comedy, Crime
  • Director(s) : Joel Stephen Fleming
  • Run Time : 9m 15s
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Country : Australia
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