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Variety Night: On The Lightness Of Being

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Synopsis: One afternoon, in a storage room, Amar (34), is in the middle of holding a woman, Seruni (33), hostage. Amar is trying to convince Seruni that she is his wife and that they have been in a romantic relationship as husband and wife for a few years. On the other hand, Seruni believes that she has never seen or encountered Amar before. Amar actively rebuts her statements and searches for concrete proofs, such as photos, of them being together. However nothing is found. Meanwhile, Seruni's perception stays the same and she stands with her belief. Both of them argue, with each individual elaborating the

Director Statement: Identity is a fiction, produced and reproduced by whoever holds more power in a relationship. In a romantic relationship, the partner who has more "power" will try to form an ideal identity in their partner. In politics and the state, one or several groups with certain interests will try to "create" an identity, a "historical story" for one or more individuals and minority groups, according to the desired narrative. Because of the various factors that can confine, limit and manipulate identity, it becomes difficult - even impossible - to be able to recognize oneself, as well as other individuals, as whole and "real".

  • Category : Variety Night
  • Genre : Short
  • Director(s) : Garry Christian
  • Run Time : 19m 10s
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Indonesia
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