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Cinema Screening City Cineplex (City Mall Shopping Centre, Kota Kinabalu)

Variety Night: Ms. Pontianak

  • You have missed this movie!

Synopsis: A beloved horror actress questions the triviality of her career starring in Pontianak films, all the while being filmed by a group of documentary filmmakers.

Director Statement: Writing and telling stories has always been my greatest passion. It has always been a way for me to fortify my thoughts and emotions. I relate a lot to the character I wrote, Salma, who feels as if things are in a never-ending cycle, repetitive and boring, feeling so stuck. Hence, I wanted to explore the mockumentary genre; comedy as a multi-dimensional artform, not just for the sake of laughter but to incite thoughtful introspection.

  • Category : Variety Night
  • Genre : Mockumentary, Comedy
  • Director(s) : Aline Wong JinKei
  • Run Time : 21m 55s
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia
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