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Daisies and Sparrows

Synopsis: A young boy lives through both sides of parenthood in this short film about growing up and growing old.

Director: Ervin Han
Is the co-founder of Robot Playground Media, an animation studio based in Singapore.  A seasoned animation producer and director who has worked on shows for Disney and Cartoon Network, Ervin is a passionate storyteller with a desire to see more Asian stories brought to life through animation.  His animated short ‘The Violin’ won an Asian Television Award in 2017, and his animated anthology ‘Timescapes’ has been screened at numerous festivals and was in competition at the Seoul Animated Film Festival and Asia Pacific Screen Awards in 2018.

Director’s Statement
This film is a tribute to the journey of parents; how unconditional their love is, and yet, they're also human and imperfect. Every day, parents give up dreams, make sacrifices and live with regrets unseen by those they love the most - and they would do it all over again in a heartbeat for their children. Often, it is with age and perspective that we realise what they've sacrificed. I'm not a parent so this isn't my story. It is inspired by my own parents, friends and siblings who are parents themselves.

  • Category : Family
  • Genre : Animation, Childhood, Family
  • Director(s) : Ervin Han
  • Run Time : 12m
  • Release Year : 2020
  • Country : Singapore