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The Pillar of Strength

Synopsis: When human beings value the life of nature, where they respect and learn from it, then it can strengthen the loving relationship between nature and human. The Pillar of Strength is a story about the people in the Borneo archipelago who adhere to the belief of their ancestors that the God of War, 'Sengalang Burong,' who comes from heaven as a respected and dignified god, has a spiritual energy and is considered to be an intermediary between human life, animals and nature. Rentap is the son of an Iban tribal warrior in the Borneo island where his father was a respected warrior and held fast to the hereditary beliefs of his ancestors. When an accident occurred while hunting in the jungle, Rentap got encouragement from the War God ‘Sengalang Burong’ who helped him identify his origins and led him to take responsibility as an Iban child who set an example to his people by holding on to the slogan ‘Agi Idup, Agi Ngelaban’.

Awards: Golden FEMI Film Festival - Best Short Animation; Brazil International Film Festival - Best Animation; International Motion Picture Awards - Best Animation; The Archaeology Channel - Best Animation & Effects; Couch Film Festival - Best Animation; Cinematic European Film Festival - Best Animation; Golden Harvest Film Festival - Best Short Film & Best Animation; ARG International Film Festival - Best Animation; Emerald Peacock Film Festival - Best Animated Short Film

Director Statement: The Pillar Of Strength is an animated short film that was produced so that the world community can recognize the culture and customs of a particular society in the world.

Director Bio: Ayie Ibrahim is currently holding a number of positions including as Producer, Animation Director and animator at his own Creatvtoon Studio and as a senior lecturer for drawing & animation at University Technology Mara, Malaysia since 2009. He also works as a Toon Boom instructor & Online Trainer under Toon Boom Inc. Canada.

His love for the art and long experience in the field of animation led him to build up his own studio since 2010 with the purpose of expanding the local industry and putting Malaysia on the world map as a source of content creation and development.

  • Category : CINE10
  • Genre : Animation
  • Director(s) : Ayie Ibrahim
  • Run Time : 7m 33s
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia
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