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Synopsis: The young taxi driver brought the homeless man who was looking for something around the city, An accident makes the young people found out the homeless guy are looking for is a culture that is starting to lose, leaving a voice.

Director Bio: Lobin Wong is director and writer, who studied motion pictures in National Taiwan University of Arts and graduated in 2019. 《Big Wall》Director- Lobin is the one of the shortlisted young directors in Kancil Film Festival Young Directors Challenge in 2019 and the next year, Lobin’s 2nd short film (Like a bird) has won the Grand Prize of One World Han Xin Face to Face Short Film Competition. Lobin now are the Creative Director in Blackill Production.

  • Category : CINE10
  • Genre : Narrative
  • Director(s) : Lobin Wong
  • Run Time : 7m 38s
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Malaysia
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