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Tell Me

Synopsis: TELL ME is a drama-genre short film that retold Syauqi’s redemption of anger towards his father, Fazli after finally meeting again 20 years later. Despite their anger towards each other, the sole purpose of their meetup is only revealed after the death of Syauqi's mother, Seri.

Awards: Taylor’s University Film Festival 2022 – Best Sound Design

Director Statement: Asians are all about family. Thus decision-making is one of the most important aspects for our future generation. This short video discloses how lust and ignorance alter the mentality and future of a developing child toward a relationship that appears to be going well.

Director Bio: Afiq Affendi is currently studying for a bachelor's degree in Film and Television at the National Academy of Arts and Culture (ASWARA). Because of his passion for colours and textures of a visual, he established a cinematography style that was instantly recognisable because of his style and class. He has also worked on advertising for a number of other companies, including Acer and Shopee. His interest in music started at a young age, and he is now pursuing a career in music video creation.

  • Category : CINE10
  • Genre : Drama, Fiction
  • Director(s) : Afiq Affendi
  • Run Time : 9m 23s
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia
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