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The Flight of Banog

Synopsis: Amang Baoy, a Panay Bukidnon old man, and his son Rohan sit in a bonfire one evening when the latter looked very sad, prompting the father to tell a portion of the Sugidanon, an epic of the indigenous Panay Bukidnon people of the Philippines, by way of chanting. This portion of the epic narrates the hero, Humadapnon, who will be saved through the help of Banog, the hawk. This leads the indigenous peoples doing the traditional hawk dance, celebrating a tale of hope, love and resurrection.

Director Statement: This film, with 95% of its major cast and crew being indigenous (including writer, producer, etc), makes history in The Philippines as the first film to have been given consent by the Panay Bukidnon Council of Elders through the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to do a cinematic translation of portions of the Suguidanon Epics.

Our film, in Kinaray-a and Sulodnon (indigenous) languages, is made together with the Panay Bukidnon community and have the following Panay Bukidnon in major/key production roles: Co-Producer, Writer, Main Actors, Dancers & Percussionists, Original Music, Chanter, Consultants.

The film is meant to evoke hope amidst the most challenging of times including the struggles of the inidgenous peoples everywhere. As both filmmaker and cultural worker, it has been my honor to collaborate with the indigenous peoples of our country, particularly the Panay Bukidnon.

The Panay Bukidnon is one of only two indigenous communities in Visayas, The Philippines, and are scattered all over Panay islands. Because of isolation, most of their pre-colonial practices persist to this day.

Director's Bio: Elvert Bañares is a film director, producer and multidisciplinary artist who shoots his films independently, acting as his own cinematographer, editor and production designer. He started making underground experimental films and video art in 1993 and has moved on to direct narrative shorts and documentaries from 2008 onwards.

He is a two time Urian Award nominee (given by the Maunuri, the Philippines’ longest-running Film Critics' Group); three time Cultural Center of the Philippines Winner for Independent Film; and, winner of 5 international awards during the pandemic years in Copenhagen, Berlin, Los Angeles and Ontario. His films and art have been selected in more 70 international film and art festivals in 30+ countries across 6 continents. In 2021, he was one of the invited guests of the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival for its Southeast Asian Conference of Filmmakers and Programmers.

His latest film "Sa Paglupad Ka Banog" is the first film in Philippine history to have been given consent by the Panay Bukidnon Elders to do a cinematic translation of portions of the indigenous Sugidanon Epics. The film had its World Premiere at the 42nd FANTASPORTO International Film Festival and its International Premiere as part of the opening day program at the Academy Award Qualifying 38th Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival last May 2022.. It has since been selected at the 9th Maoriland Film Festival, 21st DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival, 16th Wairoa Maori Film Festival, 13th Festival Internacional de Cine de Santander and the 33rd São Paulo International Short Film Festival.

  • Category : CINE10
  • Genre : Indigenous, Epic Fantasy
  • Director(s) : Elvert BaƱares
  • Run Time : 9m 08s
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Philippines
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