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The Big Flip - Stories from the Modern Home Front

Synopsis: Over 18 months and 5 cities—Portland, D.C., Nashville, Seattle and L.A.—this timely documentary follows four American families as they navigate the trials and triumphs of at-home fatherhood and mothers as main breadwinners. We journey with each family as they tackle major life changes—a birth, a lay-off, a cross-country move, and a mid-life crisis. In a world where the majority of Americans still believe kids are better off when mom stays home, and that a good father should work hard to provide for his family, how will these families fare? Will resentments and doubt fester? Will love endure?

Festivals & Awards: American Film Showcase; London Film Awards; Scandinavian International Film Festival; NYC Independent Film Festival; Austin Film Festival; Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival; San Luis Obispo International Film Festival; CPH Film Festival

Director's Bio: Izzy Chan is a storyteller deeply curious about cultural and social trends poised to change life as we know it. Her award-winning documentary feature on the rise of breadwinner moms and at-home dads, The Big Flip—Stories from the Modern Home Front (2016), premiered at the Austin Film Festival and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, and was featured in the 2017-2019 American Film Showcase. As a film envoy, Izzy has traveled to Egypt, China, and Ukraine to conduct workshops on storytelling and strategy.

Izzy graduated with a double degree in Cinematic Arts and French from the University of Southern California and then built a successful advertising career as a researcher and strategist with brands such as Apple, Google, Nike, Honda, Audi, Virgin America, and Visa.

  • Category : Feature Films
  • Genre : Documentary
  • Director(s) : Izzy Chan
  • Run Time : 1h 5m
  • Release Year : 2016
  • Country : USA
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