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Imposter in the Last Dance / Penyamar Dalam Kisah Terakhir

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A king is sad because his wife has gone and never come back.  In another palace, there is news about a king who has just got married.  The big question about the missing queen forces the king to make the hard decision to find her.  He takes the opportunity to find a way to enter the rival king’s palace to see what he can learn.

Director's Bio:

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1980, Harvan Agustriansyah studied directing at Jakarta Arts Institute. After graduating, he worked as assistant director on many Indonesian feature films.  As a director, he has produced, written and directed several short films that have participated in national and international film festivals. Sugar on the Weaver’s Chair (2019) was his first feature film and won numerous awards in Houston, USA, Guam and Bali. It was screened at the KKIFF in 2021.

Director’s Comment:
IMPOSTER IN THE LAST DANCE is an adaptation of the story from Aria, a traditional dance from Bali. The story in this film used to be performed on stage and was dedicated only for kings. Now it has reshaped itself into a wonder for the Balinese people to relish. This film is so distinctive with the combination of music from the Balinese gamelan, nembang, or melodic speaking, as well as the dances that have existed for hundreds of years. Gamelan, the dance and the characterizations were the three essential and inseparable parts of the film, especially during the shooting. The result is a film with a sense of the story of Aria’s dramatic dance performances that continue to evolve through time.

Official selection, 5th Meihodo International Youth Visual Media Festival; Official Selection, Bali International Film Festival

  • Genre : Drama, Dance, Musical
  • Director(s) : Harvan Agustriansyah
  • Run Time : 15m 32s
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Indonesia
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