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Taken / Tinalangan

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Based on an actual occurrence, when a young Tobilung man disappears in the forest, the people say that he has ventured to another World with the Bunian/Elf people who co-exist with our World. His wife consults a Boblian/Priestess to get him back.  She performs a ceremony with the help of the Komburongoh/Sacred Medium who can communicate with the unseen and gods. But after the young man’s body has been found, another ceremony (Monoriuk) is needed to bring his soul back.

Director's Bio:

Jainie Jaibin worked for 8 years as an assistant cinematographer and was also a recording artist in Sabah. She now runs a small production company that provides video and photography services.

Director’s Comment:
My first experimental movie

  • Genre : Drama, Indigenous
  • Director(s) : Jainie Jaibin
  • Run Time : 23m
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Sabah, Malaysia
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