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Fang, a young foreign caregiver from Vietnam, is struggling to look after a granny with Alzheimer’s disease in Taiwan.  The tension between the two is more acute after the granny runs out to find her son who has been missing for 25 years.

Director's Bio:

Tung Wei Ye (b 1995, Malaysia) is now pursuing an MFA Degree at the Taipei National University of the Arts, majoring in film directing. His works are mostly shorts, made out of his personal experience and private feelings. Nevertheless, his films still embody social issues in a different way as he views the people and spaces in Taiwan from a foreigner’s perspective.

Tung’s works have been screened at film festivals in Hong Kong, Australia, the United States, etc. He was also the cinematographer for REPRISE, a short film selected by the Busan International Film Festival.

Director’s Comment:
This film challenges the definition of home and family in the Chinese context. It asks whether it is possible to build a relationship which is family-like without any blood relations.

Also, this film is made out of my personal experience as a foreign student in Taiwan. Struggling to cope with the new environment, I always ended up turning to my family for comfort. However, over the years of studying, I have figured out that I should build my own social circle in Taiwan in order to stop feeling lonely. I think this applies to Fang and the granny as well. Instead of yearning for the past, both of them should cherish the moment because the only people left in their lives are themselves.

  • Genre : Drama
  • Director(s) : Wei Ye Tung
  • Run Time : 17m
  • Release Year : 2021
  • Country : Malaysia
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