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Morgan is a young man trying to reconnect with his deceased mother and determine what events led to suicide. He does this by pursuing a modelling career which famed his mother before he was born. While pursuing this career, he encounters the heavy neglect and trauma he and his mother share and discovers that her giving birth to him ruined her famed career.

Director's Bio:

Noah Cotgrove’s directing career started at the age of 15 when his script was approved to be performed for the senior play, directed by him. This sparked his aspiration and drove him to direct more projects. In his final year of school, he directed, wrote and starred in a short film KALOPSIA which was filmed in the middle of the pandemic. The film garnered praise from the assessors and is often used as an example for upcoming film students of the school. Coming into JMC, Noah wrote and directed the postcard THE LOVE I WOULD GIVE which focused on the hardships of adoption for gay couples. He then directed SIMPLE MISCONCEPTIONS, a documentary on the misconceptions behind ADHD. After that he wrote and directed RIBS, a psychological thriller based on his time in the modelling industry. After directing a tiktok series for fashion designer Kimbralou, Noah is now working on his upcoming grad film CAMP! which he has written and is currently directing.

Director’s Comment:
In early 2022, I wrote a film called RIBS right after leaving the modelling industry. It was a poignant moment when I gathered with my friends, whom I had met during auditions, and we reminisced about the transformative experiences we had in the industry. RIBS is an exploration that delves into the depths of character, drawing from real events and haunting nightmares. Margie represents the toll endured when subjected to undeserved abuse. The influence of the industry also seeps into the fabric of family lives, and the dynamic between Morgan, Margie and Margie's father brilliantly depicts this phenomenon. The production of RIBS involved an incredibly passionate crew who recognized the significance of my story. I am eternally grateful for their dedication in transforming something so hideous into a beautiful work of art.

  • Genre : Psychological thriller
  • Director(s) : Noah Cotgrove
  • Run Time : 9m
  • Release Year : 2023
  • Country : Australia
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