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Synopsis: In 48 hours, Eliza must decide whether to abort her child. The 18-year old is forced to wrestle with the choice of breaking the news of her unwanted pregnancy to her conservative Singaporean mother or not.

Director Statement: In 2020, I came to know two women who shared about their abortion experiences. In particular, they recounted the trauma of the post-abortive experience, where unexpected feelings of guilt and shame became a mainstay of their lived experiences.

When I asked what might have made a difference, both women mentioned that perhaps it would have been different if they had told their family and received some support. Women who provide abortion or post abortion counselling all similarly mentioned to me the game changer of family affirmation.

I wanted to write a story to pay tribute to these experiences, and in particular, to encourage any young girl in a similar situation to share the burden with someone. If you told someone about it, would you make a different choice?

  • Category : Social Issues - Personal Struggles
  • Genre : Teen, Women's Issues, Sexuality
  • Director(s) : Jessica Heng
  • Run Time : 23m 52s
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Singapore
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