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Silent Talk / Tak Bicara Bersuara

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One night, full of tactics and puzzles, Monalisa is confronted by mysterious voices that disturb her.  What is that sound?  Who is Monalisa?  What is she really looking for?

Director's Bio:

Rendro Aryo is an Indonesian Film Director with a big passion for filmmaking. He was born in Batam, Indonesia and studied film directing at the Faculty of Film and Television, Jakarta Institute of the Arts.

Rendro’s short films have been selected and won in national and international film festivals. He has worked as a director and writer for production companies in Indonesia.
In 2019, he established his own production company CAHAYA FILMS. He continues making short films, documentaries and commercials and is now preparing his first feature film.

Director’s Comment:  
Who are we really?  
What makes us who we are?
What if our body had a soul and a mind if its own?
I try to ask these questions every day. Being a real human being who is independent in this modern world is not really to be free. There are many demands from the environment and there is turmoil within the body itself which continues to ask questions about the future. Our bodies have their own memories that bring happiness, wounds and traumas.  Which we hide from strangers, or people we have just met. It could also be that people we know closely don’t know us completely, because only we ourselves know what’s in our hearts. Good and bad are biases that continually clash with each other in our growth. Through this film, I want to reflect on the memories in our body and try to imagine a polemic between our mind and body. Sometimes when we don’t talk, that’s when we actually talk. Sometimes silence is another form of speaking. Just imagine that our five senses can talk. Search yourself. Discover yourself.

  • Genre : Drama, Mystery, Thriller
  • Director(s) : Rendro Aryo
  • Run Time : 21m
  • Country : Indonesia
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