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Maria’s childhood turns dark when she loses her parents in a hit-and-run accident caused by a rich young couple. The trauma of the incident makes Maria hold a grudge against the rich. Reaching her teenage years, everything is beautiful with her lover, Randy, but their love is blocked by differences in social status. Maria’s old grudge resurfaces when Randy marries Serina, a beautiful young woman from a rich family.  Maria intends to get her lover back, even if her life is at stake.

Director's Bio:

Ryot Ujin (FDAM) is a director, producer and writer. He started working in the local Sabah film industry in 2006 as a crew member and extra. His deep interest in film has opened the opportunity for him to work and gain experience outside Sabah, in West Malaysia. After a few years as an actor and crew member, Ryot finally found his passion and strength in directing. After taking part in a film directing course, he has directed and produced a local telemovie series called KOBILANGAN and his short films have won awards in several festivals. He is often invited to be a facilitator for acting and directing workshops.

Director’s Comment:
The spark for the story of MARIA came from the inspirational stories of people around me, including my mother and a few friends who were hurt by love problems. I have heard too many love stories where some are willing to kill others, leave their families and run away from their marriage. So I included these elements in MARIA but strengthened the story with a plot twist. My mother went through many challenges in life, but still loyally loved my father, so much so that I named the movie after her – Mariana. Friends of mine face love problems that make them emotionally disturbed but they still choose to love. This is what made me think of making this film.

  • Genre : Romance, Thriller, Drama
  • Director(s) : Ryot Ujin
  • Run Time : 1h
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Sabah, Malaysia
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