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Synopsis: Aisha, a young seamstress, is pregnant out of wedlock. When she tells the news to her conservative grandfather, he turns violent. He attempts to harm Aisha but is interrupted when a Pontianak appears, terrorizing them. The duo try to vanquish the Pontianak but ultimately fail. TO save her grandfather, Aisha offers herself up as a sacrifice to the Pontianak. However, the Pontianak is there for more than just her…

Director Statement: Growing up in a rather traditional Muslim household, I always found myself struggling between filial piety and doing what I truly wanted. I am still learning how to discard untrue patriarchal beliefs, including certain definitions of sin and retributions given to "disobedient" women. Some men justify these actions as done in the name of love. However, good intentions do not excuse negative and traumatising impacts.

And so to the Pontianak, the ghost of a pregnant woman who died during childbirth or at the hands of men, usually as a punishment for her promiscuity. She is a vengeful monster and to vanquish her or transform her into a dutiful wife, a nail must be plunged into her neck. However, to me, the Pontianak is longing for love that has been cruelly ripped away from her and she is fighting for her freedom.

MENDED is a message to myself and the women around me who live in the confines of a patriarchal society. However, tearing down patriarchy is no easy feat and unfortunately, some of us may have to clear up the debris left behind.

  • Category : Social Issues - Personal Struggles
  • Genre : Art Horror
  • Director(s) : Alia Alkaff
  • Run Time : 13m
  • Release Year : 2022
  • Country : Singapore
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